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What determines how the voice sounds?

July 31 - August 2 2023



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The first course in Poland by Prof. Johan Sunberg - the world's most respected researcher of the phenomena of musical acoustics and the singing voice. Author of one of the most important book on the acoustics and physiology of the voice of our time: "The Science of the Singing Voice" (1987)

Johan Sundberg will describe and explain in lectures and by means of experiments how voice sounds are produced and how their timbral characteristics are controlled

During the course you will learn:

  • How is the air in the lungs converted into sung vowels and consonants by the vocal folds and the vocal tract?

  • Why is the breathing behaviour imortant to phonation?

  • What controls the pitch, the loudness and the timbre of a sung tone?

  • What determines vowel quality and personal timbre of singing?

  • Can singers profit from a narrow opening to the nose and why?

  • What characterizes the voice properties in different styles of singing?

  • What can make listeners to listen rather than to hear a performance?


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July 31 - August 2 2023

At what time?

10:00-12:00 CEST
13:30-15:30 CEST

Course prices:

  • early bird until July 9th - 140 euros
  • regular, from July 10th - 190 euros
  • About Prof. Johan Sundberg

    Johan Sundberg studied musicology at Uppsala University, Sweden. After dissertation he founded a research group for music acoustics at KTH and was awarded a personal chair in Music Acoustics there in 1979. The singing voice and the theory underlying music performance have been his main research themes. He has published more than 370 scientific articles and the book The Science of the Singing Voice. He also wrote a book on the acoustics of musical sounds ("The science of musical sounds", 1991) and was the editor and co-editor of many monographs. He has many years of experience in musical performance as a choir singer and singer-soloist. He is honorary doctor at the York University, UK, the University of Athens, Greece, and in University of Liège, Belgium, and member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music.
    Johan Sundberg, Sweden